Sino R&D Achievement

At present, Sino Holdings Group has many fruits on R&D:

  1. PVC FITTING DIA.32mm collapsible core system (Industry leading philosophy  and scientific application)

    Succeed in providing collapsible core mould (the minimum diameter of this industry) with a fine solution and prolonging the mould’s working life.
    Offer customers a great scientific support in producing collapsible core pipe fitting.

  2. IML System (Industry leading philosophy and scientific application)

    IML solution is carried out by branches of Sino Holdings Group. With the coordination of IML Mould, High Speed Injection Machine, Valve Gate Hot Runner System and High Speed IML Robot, the fastest production rate comes to 5 seconds per shot, and we can produce barrel-shaped thin wall product with 16 cavities. This skill has achieved the No.1 in China, and taken the leading place in the world.

  3. Double Color Injection (Industry leading philosophy and scientific application)

    Double color injection meets the new requirements of the plastic industry. Its product ranges from car lamp, commodities, children toy and airline tableware, etc. In order to meet customers’ different needs, Sino has specially developed double color mould with different structures, including double color mould with rotary mould structure and hot runner double color injection mould.

  4. 120 Cavity PET Preform Mould (Industry leading philosophy and scientific application)

    For realizing multi cavity and high efficiency, Sino Packaging Mould Company has specially invested much money in developing 120 cavity PET preform mould and hot runner valve gate system. Through robot cooling system out of mould, it increases the PET preform mould’s production rate. Equipped with Dakumar PET preform special machinery, it realizes an efficient production line integrated with mould, injection machine and robot, and fulfills the special needs of many beverage packaging companies.

  5. 48 Cavity Medical Test Tube Mould (Industry leading philosophy and scientific application)

  6. 4 Cavity Crate Mould (Industry leading philosophy and scientific application)

    With breakthrough thinking and continuous development, crate mould has become one of the distinctive moulds in Sino. In 2007, Sino has firstly developed 2 cavity crate mould in the industry, and obtained customers’ satisfactory feedback. In two years, Sino mould has continuously exported over 20 sets of 2 cavity high speed mould with copper-beryllium. At the end of 2008, Sino Holdings Group’s R&D department has made a new breakthrough. 4 cavity crate mould with copper-beryllium has been carried out. Thus, one set of crate mould can produce 11,520 products per day, and the output has increased 8 times comparing to the common 1 cavity mould.

  7. Hands-free Bluetooth Car Charger, Mobile Phone Charger (shape and function national patent)

    Sino Holdings Group has strong developing capability in electric products. Sino Electronic Company’s products have a feature of new function and unique shape. Many electronic products obtained national patent of practical using and invention. It has independent R&D capability for Bluetooth hardware and software, and there are about 5 or 6 kinds of new products coming on to the market each year.